Founded in 2020, Polari is an award-winning production company committed to championing stories from diverse perspectives and uplifting the voices of underrepresented creatives both up front and behind the scenes.

The Stranger’s Subject, 2023

Our compass for groundbreaking content is guided by the Vito Russo test—a vital criterion ensuring that queer characters in our projects transcend stereotypes and one-dimensional roles. They are fully realized individuals whose stories extend beyond the mere focus on their sexual orientation, adding layers of depth and humanity.

Queer Filmmakers Network Event, 2023

Luke Oliveira-Davies (He/Him) ︎
Founder & Creative Producer     

In a landscape awash with media, Polari stands out as a pioneering force for authentic storytelling that catalyzes cultural evolution and social impact. Our focus isn't merely on representation but on redefining the narrative, especially for Queer and marginalised communities.

Stranger in My Family, 2023

As we diversify our portfolio into branded content and strategic partnerships, we offer brands a unique opportunity to be part of this impactful narrative, crafting campaigns that don't just sell but inspire change.

We are relentlessly curious, continuously seeking fresh perspectives and untold stories that not only challenge the status quo but offer a new blueprint for what media can achieve.

Join us in this exciting journey as we shape a more inclusive and equitable world—one story at a time.

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